daniel hartmann

Some facts about myself - Daniel Hartmann: 25 years old, coder / webdeveloper at jobs.ch, living in Zürich (CH), interested in photography, art, sports and music.  I love music festivals such as southside, rock am ring or highfield. I like to design websites for musicans, friends or just for fun. In some cases I'm a bit self-critical and assertive but usually I'm a calm person who loves to chill out with friends.

about this website

This website presets some of my projects, my work, my heart. Webdesign, coding, photography, art and much more. Hopefully it would also help to make some new connections, or to get some feedback on done projects and that would also help to get a better and more effective workflow.

Currently this website is under construction but when its done, it would be simply to administrate and simple to use.

The photography section is sponsored by the flickr api so its simple to integrate photosets and photography.

The rest of the site was build using the zend framework wich is written in PHP 5. The templates are smarty based and written in XHTML 1.1 including CSS 2 (hopefully sometimes CSS 3) and javascript. And last but not least a bit search engine improvement.